Meet the Staff

At Beddington Dental, we have 7 experienced dentists to provide you with quality services. We are a group of general dentists serving the Calgary and Airdrie communities. If you are looking for either a family dentist, a cosmetic dentist, or a dentist for a dental emergency, this is the place you want to be. As progressive dental care professionals, our dentists constantly improve themselves with continuing education. We regularly take courses locally and internationally in order to keep us informed of the latest development in dental technology and techniques. Because we are of a group practice, our office can provide extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience. Another advantage for you being our patients is that when your dentist is on vacation while you have a dental emergency, you will be seen promptly by the other dentists covering for him/her.

Our Dental Hygiene Team

Dental hygienists at Beddington Dental

Our registered hygienists have gone through vigorous schooling in gum tissue therapy. They are trained to recognize any abnormality in hard tissues (tooth and jaw bone) as well as soft (gum) tissues. When they do the teeth cleaning, they are also evaluating your gingival health, any possible signs and symptoms that manifest inside your mouth that could possibly related to your systemic health. Together with a dentist doing the regular examination, the hygienists also pay close attention to any signs of oral cancer or infectious diseases. Certainly, removing tenacious buildup (tartar) off your teeth regularly is their major specialty. Keeping your mouth free from tartar and plaque is the single most important factor to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. In fact, a good portion of the population after 30 years old loses their teeth because of gum disease. Our hygiene team plays a pivotal role to maintain your oral health.

Our Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants at Beddington Dental

Besides dentists and hygienists, our staff also includes registered dental assistants (RDA). Their roles are to assist the dentists in performing clinical treatment. They also prepare all the instruments, making sure they are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and in order after each use. Their presence in the chairside setting is important for our dentists to be able to perform at their utmost efficiency.

Patient Coordinators, Office Administrators

Administrative staff at Beddington Dental

As the front line, this team is responsible for ensuring seemingly effortless operation of our practice. Communicating effectively with both patients and staff in this fast-paced office requires that our office administrators/receptionists be fully trained in patient care, insurance processes, and general business procedures. Kristen, Andrea, Kirsteen, Marisa, and Isabelle fulfill these requirements completely.

Our Office Manager

Kristen Pittman

Clinic Manager