Bonded Fillings in Calgary, Alberta

What is a Bonded Filling?

Bonded filling is a resin, coloured to the look of your natural teeth, made to fill cavities, fix broken or chipped teeth, or even repair malformed or crooked teeth. Cosmetic bonding is the application of a tooth coloured resin applied to your teeth and sculpted into proper shape to maintain a natural, pain-free, chewing of food that looks great. Once dried and polished, the resin becomes a durable and stain resistant tooth, matching the texture of your natural teeth.

Is a bonded filling painful?

Bonded fillings are not painful, do not harm the tooth, and often require only one visit to the dentist. No, you shouldn’t need a local anaesthetic or needle. Our cosmetic dentists use a mild acidic solution, the tooth is then etched creating a porous surface for the bond adherence. The moldable resin is gently and smoothly applied to the area and formed into place. Next up, a curing light is used to harden the bond to the tooth. At Beddington Dental, these steps are completed in a matter of minutes and you can walk away with a great smile.

Why should I get a bonded filling?

Cosmetic dentistry is first and foremost about aesthetics. Beddington Dental uses a variety of colours and shades to match your tooth’s natural colour leaving you brimming with self-confidence and showcasing your beautiful smile. The strength of a bonded filling is also important. A silver filling over time can become weak, brittle, and may even lead to corrosion because it’s a metal. A bonded filling is stronger and lasts longer which economically makes more sense. A bonded filling is about original tooth conservation by only removing a tiny amount of the tooth whereas a silver filling requires more of the tooth’s structure. Finally, a bonded filling is a much faster, less painful procedure than a silver filling.

Bedding Dental are your cosmetic dentists in Calgary offering bonded fillings. Our dentists are happy to have you in and out quickly, without pain, and a big smile to give you confidence in any setting. Contact us today for pricing and to see how we can help you smile with pride.