Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Calgary, Alberta

How can I help my child grow up with healthy teeth?

In Calgary, Beddington Dental clinics love to help your child grow up with a healthy set of teeth. As is the case with most, a good oral history of preventative maintenance can help your child now and in the future. A regular checkup at the Beddington Dental clinic in Calgary, with any one of our dentists, gives your child the best chance at a healthy mouth with a beautiful smile for years to come.

Should my child have orthopedic treatment?

Orthopedics is the first step in the process of correcting maloccluded (e.g. crowded or improperly aligned) teeth in children. In fact, the right orthopedic treatment can help to negate the need for braces later in life. At Beddington Dental, we offer short term and removable devices to promote positive jaw structure and aligned teeth. Orthopedics help your child with genetic malocclusion. Orthopedics also help with the much more common environmental malocclusion including:

  • Poor tongue position

  • Allergies

  • Enlarged tonsils

  • Mouth breathing

Early orthopedic treatment helps with normal development. It also discourages destructive behaviors before becoming a habit.

Will my child need braces?

In Calgary, Beddington Dental can help possibly avoid braces using early techniques described above. Unfortunately, not everything is in our absolute control and orthodontic treatment may be necessary. Fortunately, at Beddington Dental, we’re happy to provide orthodontic treatment to move teeth into a straighter and less crowded pattern. Braces may take months or several years to move the teeth into their correct position. If your teen is looking for a solution that allows them to enjoy the foods they’ve always loved and you want to help them through the trying times, you can look to Invisalign treatment for invisible braces for a more cosmetic dentistry solution.

At Beddington Dental in Calgary, we want what’s best for your child and are happy to educate you on the options, both cosmetically and with your budget in mind, to allow your child to grow with the best oral health you can offer them. Contact us today to discuss your options.