Teeth Whitening in Calgary, Alberta

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to alter the colouration of your teeth through various means. Just because your teeth are white does not mean that they are clean. As such, it is still important to maintain oral hygiene habits. However, if you do want teeth whitening in Calgary, Beddington Dental clinic is more than happy to help you out.

Do I need teeth whitening?

Your teeth are not naturally white, and are typically a tint of grey or yellow. The perception of this can be influenced by factors such as your skin tone or surrounding makeup. If you find that the colouration of your teeth is impacting your emotional wellbeing, then you may want to consider teeth whitening treatment. This is neither an instant fix nor a guaranteed fix, but it is a treatment we can provide to suitable candidates. You teeth will stain over time with regular consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks, and tobacco. Furthermore, your teeth will discolour as you age. As such, it is unlikely that teeth whitening treatments will benefit to your oral health, but if it is a treatment that you want performed by a cosmetic dentist in Calgary, you should discuss it with an oral health professional.

Can I just use a home whitening solution?

Home teeth whitening systems are available, either through Beddington Dental Clinic or at various other retail outlets throughout Calgary. Research done by the Canadian Dental Association supports the safety of bleaching gels when used appropriately. However, it is important to note that the results are not guaranteed to meet your expectations. The effects of long-term tooth bleaching require more research since the effect is not permanent, which causes some individuals to perform these treatments regularly. You should consult with one of our dentists in Calgary to learn more about the condition of your teeth and what solutions may be right for you.

The two types of teeth whitening:

A surface whitener uses a special abrasive to remove surface stains. Levels of surface whiteners are sometimes contained within certain toothpastes or chewing gum. This version is less likely to cause excessive tooth wear than bleaching products. The effectiveness of these products are limited to the tooth’s surface and you should not consider them to be a substitute for a professional cleaning.

The other main option is a peroxide-based bleaching product that is capable of altering the colouration of the tooth itself. If you are considering tooth-bleaching, please consult with our dental clinic in Calgary to determine if bleaching could have the desired effect. It is even more important to consult with us first if you have bonded fillings, root canal treatments, or dental crowns.

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Teeth Whitening in Calgary, AlbertaTeeth Whitening in Calgary